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Authentic Lomilomi

Lomilomi is a practice of “living aloha”, the breath of life.


In our Western countries, Lomilomi is known as a soothing warm oil massage from the Hawaiian Islands, where especially the forearms wave long stretches over the body. Authentic Lomilomi is so much more than that.


It is a re-connection with your breath to have a deeper understanding of who you really are.

It’s about flowing your wellbeing in the right direction.

It’s coming Home.


Physical pain is just a warning that some energetic or spiritual issues have to be resolved. 

Lomilomi is working through tension and soft tissues down to the level of the bones, where our DNA (cellular level) is stored. Hawaiians believe that in the bones your ancestral power (Mana) is stored. Tapping into this Mana of our own and unique lineage promote healing & alignment.


By bringing the physical body (by Lomilomi) into alignment, the spiritual (by chants & meditation), mental and emotional body (through Ho’Oponopono) will also come into alignment. 


By healing the past, we can release negative or unneeded emotions, and we could move forward with more self-confidence and true love, called “Aloha” in Hawaii.


We bring into this life past trauma’s that we are ready to heal this time.

When we shift our energetic framework,

history is rewritten for us,

for our ancestors,

for our children




What about you in this Lomilomi?  

In this work, we invite you to open yourself up to:

  • the possibility of healing
  • release blocks and barriers
  • have a deeper understanding of who you are 
  • receive insight in your thoughts and in where tension is stored in the body
  • change where needed.  


The answers you are seeking can be found within. 


As Lomilomi & Ho’Oponopono practitioners we support you in this process. 


We have learned how to track the physical and/or emotional symptoms, that we are carrying from generation to generation, all the way to their source of light. 

We work on specific points to open the body, we work through the layers and sooth afterwards, so we may go deep.

Our intention is to support in unlocking those places in you, to treat the roots of your physical pain & trauma’s and to allowing energy to flow, to bring more LIGHT in your bowl of life (cfr Ho’Oponopono)


In this spirit of harmony, magic can really happen.